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NLRB’s General Counsel Provides a Glimpse of His Thinking on “Joint Employer” Standard

Posted in Franchisor, Policy
On July 29, the NLRB’s General Counsel Richard Griffin announced that he would allow administrative actions to proceed against McDonald’s as a “joint employer” of a franchisee’s employees. Since then, the NLRB has been asked to explain the rationale for that decision. While no formal explanation has been provided, POLITICO’s Brian Mahoney recently reported that… Continue Reading

News from Around the World: Canada

Posted in Around the World, Legislation, Policy
Editor’s Note: This series of posts we’re calling “Around the World” come from a larger piece written by Shannon and published in the October 2014 edition of the International Bar Association’s International Franchising Newsletter. Updates were provided by speakers at the Annual IBA/IFA Joint Conference in Chicago in May 2014. Dominic Mochrie, Osler, Hoskin &… Continue Reading

NLRB Says McDonald’s Franchisor is a “Joint-Employer” with Its Franchisees

Posted in Franchisor, Policy
In a potentially far reaching decision rendered today, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has permitted 43 claimants to proceed with claims against the McDonald’s USA, LLC, franchisor of the McDonald’s restaurant chain, for unfair labor practices allegedly committed by McDonald’s franchisees. The decision followed a lengthy investigation into 181 complaints that workers were allegedly… Continue Reading

New Washington State Policy May Make Franchisors Responsible for Franchisees’ Industrial Insurance Premiums

Posted in Insurance, Policy
“Industrial insurance” is the technical term used in the State of Washington to refer to worker’s compensation. Workers compensation laws are put in place to provide a fund to compensate workers injured while on the job. In exchange for employers’ contributions to the fund, they gain immunity to personal injury lawsuits. Workers compensation in Washington… Continue Reading