Thank you for stopping by; we’re glad you’re here. We created this blog as a resource for franchisors, potential franchisors, and others interested in the franchise industry and laws.

Why ZorBlog? Well, other than the cool factor, it concisely conveys both the intended audience and the focus of our content: franchisors and issues relating to franchising. When we sat down to choose a name, all of the natural choices were taken, and rather than use (doesn’t that just roll off the tongue?), we came up with – or ZorBlog for short.

We represent franchisors, so we naturally discuss the laws, cases, economy, and overall business environment from the perspective of “Zors.” Our goal is to post about the things we inevitably end up talking about in the hallway between our offices, but to expand the audience to include you in the conversation.

We look forward to continuing the conversation with you.
– Dan, Doug, and Shannon